Welcome at the new website from Twisted Spiral Nights, a new party concept in Belgium.

Our goal is to provide more dark psychedelic parties in and around Belgium where we carry paramount quality by bringing you the best musical and artistic artists together.


Theatre Of The Dust


A night with twisted forest darkpsy and mind expanding hi-tech

Phagos Sonus | RU | Lycantrop Records
Presenting his new album "Theatre of the dust" released by Lycantrop records

Weejoonz | RU | Lycantrop Records
First time in Belgium

Mind Distortion System | BE | Lycantrop Records

Cosmic Lizard | BE | Lycantrop Records

Bulldoser | BE | Twisted Spiral Nights

Helloki | BE | Arcade Disfunction Records

Katsumi | BE | Noise Poison Records

Dohiyi | BE | Lycantrop Records

Funktion One by N2O Audio

Deco: Xibalz + Mystical Forest